Monthly Website Monitoring & Maintenance

Price: $400

WordPress is a powerful, open-source Content Management System (CMS), and although this presents some very significant benefits, this also presents some things that need to be consistently managed. Like any website platform, WordPress is not a set it and forget it system. With constant updates pouring out of the development community that patch holes and security concerns, it requires monitoring, maintenance, and work. This can all be done yourself if you have an in-house technical team, or you can outsource these tasks. With dozens of site managed on a monthly basis, we have scoured the web to find and implement a truly best practice solution for the management of WordPress websites, and we make that available as part of many of our packages and as a stand-alone product.

This includes the following
  • Virus and attack monitoring & interdiction
  • Uptime monitoring
  • SEO monitoring & reporting with
  • Monthly Site backup and management
  • Google Webmaster Tools instalation & management
  • Google Analytics management
  • Theme compatibility updates
  • WordPress updates
  • Version masking tools


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