Hourly Services

Our website design department offers our clients the ability to use our team of experts for changes and updates to your existing website regardless of whether or not it was designed by us to begin with. This may include adding blogs, integrating new design elements, or incorporating quote forms or lead capture forms. All jobs are billed at the above hourly rate and our project team will inform you whether or not we are able to accomplish your request. Some of the reasons we have been unable to make changes before are that the website was built on a proprietary code base, the existing company will not give us access to make changes, the client does not have control of the web environment, or the code base was such that we were not comfortable making changes for fear of catastrophic failure of the entire platform.

Web programming is defined as hard coding, template manipulation, database development and integration, or integration of existing programs with your website. Many things do not fall into this category, especially if you have a website that utilizes a CMS (Content Management System). Your project manager will alert you if your request is a programming level project prior to your signing off on the work.

Content can often be the difference between good marketing and effective marketing. What you say about your company and how you say it truly does matter to potential consumers. Our team of writers and editors are available to step in and create content when you want them to. Often we ask our customers to provide content and they simply do not want to or they feel that they are not the right person to do it. In this case our team will be happy to step in and create text that will engage your audience and potential customers. From websites to brochures, video voice-overs to radio ads, we will help you create the perfect content every time.

Even the very best marketing, if never seen, will be ineffective. Our research team has been assembled to ensure that your message gets seen by those who need to see it. Whether you need to find the teams that are visiting your local college this season or the businesses that are impacted by a road closure, we will help you find them, load them into your marketing system and put your message on the minds of those who matter most consumers.

Content is one of the most important things in the online game, but accurate content is paramount. You can lose customers and clients with the smallest of errors or omissions. Our proofreading department has been added to provide a safety net, ensuring accurate content every time. We provide a quick and accurate solution for all your company’s proofing needs, both for web-based content and any other content you would like proofed.

Administrative Tasks: $25/HOUR
Sometimes you just need someone to do things to make your job easier… Manage your website, update a post, moderate comments, interact on social media or otherwise just take the load off your in house staff. We have you covered and are happy to give you what you want when you want it. Sold in 10 hour prepaid packages this is the perfect solution for those who just need a little help now and then and who want to make sure that the same people who are working to develop the marketing are also keeping things up to date and running as smoothly as possible.

This prepurchased package of administration hours saves you time and money. Our adminstration team is available to do most of the ongoing management tasks that businesses need. From website updates, small changes, to submitting artwork to advertisers.

This package gets you 10 hours of administrative work to manage your requests, ensure that your ideas get put into action and that your team has the information, training and suppor they need to take what we develop and put it to work for you.

Traditionally our per hour fees are billed in 1/2 hour incraments however in our pre paid packages we bill in 1/4 hour incraments often saving up to 40% of the total hours over the full 10 hours.

Graphic Design: $65/Hour

Rush Jobs: +50%
Our rush project fee is designed to give customers access to help for projects in which time is of the essence. We have priced it to dissuade people from making it a habit but tried to ensure that it is still reasonable for those times where it is necessary. The price is calculated based on the type of work that you are requesting. For instance if you are requesting a change to your website it will be billed at $112.50 per hour of work with a 1-hour minimum. If you are requesting a graphic design rush job it will be $90 per hour with a 1-hour minimum. All jobs will be accepted with a written estimate through the change request and help system (support.deliverabilities.com).

Admin Package: $250

A manditory part of any monthly contract, this admin package gives you access to our team of professionals that are here to get what you need done. Our vast experience in marketing rollout gets what you need done fast.

This package gets you up to 10 hours of administrative work each month to manage your requests, ensure that your ideas get put into action and that your team has the information, training and suppor they need to take what we develop and put it to work for you.