04 Feb 2013
February 4, 2013

Getting Help just got easier!

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At Deliverabilities we are always working to improve the way that we deliver on our promises of creating real, powerful, results in our customers businesses. Our support team is no exception! We are pleased to launch our new and much improved system of support here at team deliverabilities and we know that you will love the new system.

Our newly launched support network which now has 5 ways that you can interact with us!

As part of our core principles we strive to build in every efficiency possible to allow us to continue to offer the level of results that we do while maintaining prices that are affordable and deliver the returns that justify the expense. As part of this, we have worked to create a support system that will give our clients the access they need while still allowing for the systems we need to serve you and meet all of your expectations. This was the drive behind our newly launched support network which now has 5 ways that you can interact with it.



First, for those of you who have been using it, our online support portal will be a familiar place to log your support cases. We leverage the proven and powerful portal that has been created by Zendesk and is used by some of the most powerful companies around including 20th century Fox, Groupon, and Sears just to name a few. This powerful portal gives you access to your tickets day or night and allows us to create a thread around your request including the ability to update you on progress, clarify any questions we may have and to let you know when your request has been completed. The feedback we get from customers using this system has been exceptional and we know that anyone who tries it will love it.



We did however know that there are many of you who shudder at the thought of having to use a system that requires you to log in every time you want to request something new, so late last year we introduced our email to support system where by simply emailing support@deliverabilities.com you could make a request. Not to worry, this will still be the second of the five ways that our customers have to get the results they need. New to this system however is the integration with our online support portal. As a client of Deliverabilities you have an account with our support portal even if you dont use it. Here we log your email address, phone number and other key contact data so when you email a support request from that address it will now automatically log your request to your support portal. This is proving a great tool for organizations who want to have multiple people making requests but want one central place to review and manage all of the open tickets.



Mid last year we started a beta program working with a few clients with a tool that integrated into our support system to see if it would deliver the results we hoped it would. We are pleased to announce that it did and then some! Located on the right side of our support portal (http://support.deliverabilities.com) you will find a box that says record your screen as seen in the image.

This little box has proven to be a wonder for customers who have feedback on larger projects, are experiencing something strange either on a website or on a computer, or who prefer to simply talk as they review a video, document or website. Compatible with both Mac and PC this functionality launches a video window that will let you record what you are seeing on your computer at the same time capturing your voice so you can point with your mouse and talk and we will get to see it all. Although it may sound very technical, it is easy and we have training videos that will walk you through it.

The next two ways of communicating with our support team are the newest members of our family and both we are very excited about. First, our automated support ticket line. We found that so often our customers simply wanted to pick up the phone and call leaving a random task that crossed their mind while driving or on the way to an important meeting. Up to now, this simply was not possible and we saw that there was a gap between what our customers needed and the services we were offering. To that end, we created this new system.


Dial 1-877-721-3833 to leave a message with your request.


By simply dialing 1-877-721-3833 you can leave a voicemail with all the information you like and it will automatically log a support ticket for your system. Like the email system, as long as you are calling from a phone number associated with your account, the ticket will automatically associate with your account and will also be available in the online support portal. We are excited to introduce this long awaited functionality and are pleased that we are receiving such positive feedback from the small group of people already using it.


Live Chat:

Last, but certainly not least, we are launching a beta program that will also be tied to the support network. Live chat. Found on our online support portal, live chat is a small feature that will bring big results for those customers who are looking for instant feedback on smaller issues. Gone are the days where logging a support case for “how do I login to my facebook account?” and waiting for a response.

Simply visit our support portal at http://support.deliverabilities.com click on live chat and an agent will be happy to answer smaller questions or log support cased for bigger cases on your behalf. Agents will be available throughout the day from 9:00am-5:00pm pacific time. If you find that no one is available during these times, they are assisting other customers and checking back in a few minutes will probably find them available and happy to assist you.


As always, we strive to deliver what our customers need to succeed and we know that no small part of that is our support system. We hope that you will find this new and improved system has something that will make working with deliverabilities even easier.

Thanks for your continued support, if you have any ideas, thoughts, or concerns, please send them to info@deliverabilities.com so that we can ensure a smooth transition for everyone!

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